Lifestyle Marketing + Events

Bridging the gap between high-end events and sponsorship opportunity platforms. Cygalle Dias leverages her 30 years of experience as an Entertainment PR Specialist and Socialite to bring her clients the most exclusive platforms to showcase their brands and expand their networks.

CDLM Events provides their clients the lifetime opportunity to gain fabulous digital content with celebrities, executives, investors, models, and well-known figures from the entertainment and fashion industries. Furthermore, they provide the opportunity to build relationships with a niche, high-level network.

We funnel our network by creating tailored events for international social groups and individuals who travel & participate in events unavailable to the average public. Conversely, we help them by bringing them the best investment opportunities by presenting them with partners who we believe cater to their needs which are, finding the most robust firms in Tech, Fashion (FinTech, Fashion Tech, etc.), CBD. As well as any firms we define as “truly cutting-edge”.

A true Café Society catering to the lifestyle of traveling from one stylish place to another and growing richer while doing it.


Mobile Spa Services

The benefits of Cygalle’s wellness programs is in her prismatic approach to beauty and well-being by combining the affluence of holistic spa services and products administered by masters of the top one percent of the industry in your location.

The team will provide noninvasive therapies and customized spa treatments and services offered to profoundly affect the energy, wellbeing, and spirit of your client harmoniously with your event.